Sunny Weather

Quick update, mainly pictures… lots to do, can’t be writing all the time!

lunch on site

The weather remains absolutely gorgeous, though it does make bitumen spreading a bit messier with it dripping all over the place. We eat lunch outside as if it’s high summer. I am a little afraid we’ll be sitting in the rain in July looking back on this week as having been summer.

sunny viewflowersI planted some primroses in a bit of dug-up earth at the side of the driveway because Gordon Rigg’s had them at 55p each, so it wasn’t a bank-breaking investment for a cheerful little display.

games in the caravanEvenings call for a candle-lit game of Robo-Rally in the caravan.

organic house cafeYesterday Alec and I tried out a cafe in Hebden Bridge on our way to Tod from picking up some tiles I bought on ebay. It was amazing, lovely service, friendly and talkative staff, and the best baked potato meal I’ve ever had. Will definitely return.

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