Mid-Weekend Update

So much is going on I had to get my laptop out on this clay-covered table and use my shiny, beautiful electricity to update the blog.

Steven came up Friday and we got most of the top sheet on the back side of the roof. And got really covered in bitumen, but white spirit seems to take it off, so that’s ok. The weather was warm and hazy, almost summer-like and we had a rather fabulous lunch on top of the wall.

lunch on the wall

I’ve been up here since wednesday, so by Friday afternoon I was ready for a serious wash. I meant to do it during the warmest part of the day but Steven and I were being so productive I forgot all about it. I ended up doing it just as it was going dark, but I had been working so hard right up until then that I was actually quite warm and it wasn’t at all bad. Two kettles of hot plus a two-litre bottle of cold makes for a lovely warm shower. And I felt amazingly refreshed and energetic afterwards.

outdoor showerToday Elmo’s been working on the roof with Ryan all day and they’ve managed to lay two rolls of topsheet, complete with Elmo-style system of holding down all edges. I love him.

roof progressWe’ve got a fire on now, with plans for pesto and roasted sausages for dinner. I’m starving.

fire for supper-roastingThe weather looks good for the forseeable future, so I’m planning to stay up here and keep working. If nothing else, I can finish claying out the building and start cleaning the floor ready for tiling. It feels really good to be here for such long stretches. It feels really good to have the shop owners smile at me and remember my name. It feels really good to look at my receipt when I buy something on my account at the builder’s merchant and under account no. it just says “Grace.”

I love it here.


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