Amazing Progress

I’m so glad of my friends sometimes! Many hands really do make light work. We got through *everything* on my to do list this weekend, I’m so pleased.

A crowdElmo finished the door (which now not only closes, but locks!) and Nicola and Rob sealed and insulated the gaps around the windows and doors, while Kreya and Ryan laid the stone path to keep us from having to paddle through a sea of mud all spring.

the stone pathThe path was beautifully laid, none of the stones rock at all, and as soon as it gets a bit warmer I’ll plant grass seed both sides to compete with the weeds.

stove plinthAlec made a diagram with all the measurements for my complicated tile cutting (couldn’t cut the gold glass ones, so had to make all kinds of ridiculous cuts to the black ones,)  Steven and Hazel cut the tiles to size and Sal helped me do the tiling, which is awaiting grouting, but thereafter we can put the stove in place.

spring flowersI planted some bulbs last autumn in the big planters, but I wanted a bit of colour, so I put some primroses in little pots by the front gate.

the veiwAnd finally, Elmo went walking on the far end of the plot (the bit we don’t own yet) and found this vantage point of the whole plot.

We’re going to be absent for a couple of weeks now, so hopefully spring will come in our absence and March will be a good month for progress!

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