A Quiet Day

Headed out to Tod this morning because a couple of the electricians I’d asked for a quote for hooking up the new supply had said they could come and look at it today. The first one was quite obviously the man for the job, did an out-loud mental calculation of what the bits would cost and what the labour would be that was in line with what I expected, gave me a good price, and could do the work Friday. Sold. Had to cancel the other guy later in the day to have time to make it to Jewson to buy the other white box he’s going to put the sockets in.

gorgeous weatherThe weather in the morning was absolutely lovely, warm and occasionally sunny, all the birds singing. The resident woodpecker was at it when I took this photo.

I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, but then I’m usually a bit ambitious with my goals. I set up the ebay shelves I’d bought for the shed, bought the last bit of flooring ply and the sand/stone mix and cement for pouring a plinth for the stove. Lea helped me insulate the last bit of floor and cut and lay the plywood. I wasn’t going to have time to get the form built for the plinth, so I threw together a roof for the entirely un-water-proof postbox out of offcuts of plywood and bits of 1×2 instead.

Probably should have measured the width of the postbox first, as it didn’t fit when I got it down there, but I can turn it sideways with some creative adjustments and it’ll actually work better.

However, I had to leave at that point to get the white box on the way home. That gets installed Friday moring and they’ll hook me up so that all that’s left is for the electric company to put in a meter and turn on the supply.

At which point we can turn our attention to the water tap, which evades us yet.

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