After a fashion.

Two guys came and dug a hole, at the bottom of which was found the capped electricity cable. They dug a trench to the spot on the wall where we hung the white box, and then two different guys came and installed a cable. So there’s not supply yet and no useable sockets… but it’s a step!

We’ll be up there this weekend, hopefully finishing the job I started on Wednesday, crawling under the building with 8 inches of clearance to try to nail up sheets of 1/4 inch ply to the underside of the floor. Hands down the most frustrating, uncomfortable, vile job I’ve ever done. I’m hoping to make someone else do the rest of it, though the difficult bit is done now.

We also bought a bunch of sheep’s wool insulation that a local person had going spare after using it in their project. It was sort of sold to us as a bargain, but we were surprised at how much it cost and how little we got for it. I think we might go with conventional recycled glass insulation after this.

Anyway, going to be a cold, clear and still weekend if the forecast is correct, which is my favourite conditions after warm, clear and still. Looking forward to it.

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