The deal went through last Friday, and since then, I’ve been too busy to write. In fact, I’m still too busy to write, but I told my mother the blog address, so I’d better keep it up to date now.

I’ve been up there to post leaflets through all the neighbours’ doors to tell them we’ll be there tomorrow if they’d like to pop in for a chat. I really want to start off neighbourly relations on the right foot, since everywhere I’ve lived I’ve been blessed with excellent neighbours and it’s made life very pleasant. And you have to be a good neighbour if you want to have good neighbours, after all.

I hope to get some plans and elevations (not yet to exact measurements, just indications) done before tomorrow because I want to talk to the locals about their thoughts on our plans in advance of applying for planning permission. I hope they’ll like it and be enthusiastic about our plans, because I’m tremendously excited about our plans and I’d really hate to find I was stepping on toes.

I’ve baked some little cakes and got a bunch of china tea cups and saucers and made some bunting for a festive, welcoming feel. I’m really looking forward to this! And to getting some pictures, so there will finally be something to look at on this blog.

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