Good Weather For Building

Well, we are certainly enjoying an unusual stretch of beautiful weather: dry, sunny, warm. Great for outdoor work. If only I had some land to work on.

Currently the whole thing is hung up on the right of access. Apparently it’s across private land (I thought it was adopted highway, life and learn) and while that’s apparently normal in that area (40% of properties have access across private land and everybody, sensibly, just doesn’t panic) we are expected to insure against the possibility of the landowner deciding he or she doesn’t want us accessing our plot. Well, the insurance company are taking their time over it and I have no idea how long this is likely to take. Could be months for all I know.

So I am here at my computer rather than ripping down ivy and reroofing sheds.

However, I am thinking that I’d better apply for planning permission as if it was all going forward, since I really want to know by the end of the summer what I’m going to be building come spring. If it’s not going to be the straw bale recycled materials home of my dreams, I guess it’s going to be some variation on the existing plans (for a modernist, glass and steel mostrosity with a swimming pool wing. Which I really don’t want. But I want a house, so my options might be limited if I fail to get PP for what I do want.)

Well, I suppose I’ll go out and have a lovely walk in the sunshine and hope that the Easter break leaves the insurers in a good mood.

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