A Front Door And A Cat Door

We’ve finally reached that milestone in house building where you’re no longer using a sheet of plywood on two gate hinges for a front door.

We got given a fairly nice hardwood (faced) door, which I glazed (thanks for the education, Nora!) and Ben built a frame for, while Julian set about making the front door area look less like a shit tip and more like a welcoming home entrance.

The hanging of the door was mostly not fraught with nightmares, ish. And anyway, we got there in the end. About halfway through I noticed that we had not made arrangements for a cat door. So I knocked one through the wall. As you do.

It actually went surprisingly smoothly, and I was able to find enough thick plywood around the place to build a tunnel and a piece of oak for the exterior surface. One of the major plus-points of straw walls is how easy it is to put a big hole in it when you want to.

Jack figured it all out with only one demonstration needed. Clever boy.

Meanwhile, Julian’s office has come on a bit, with a floor now finished and some filling of plasterboard cracks (by Julian).

… and an actual plastered wall (by me) which, yeah, I swore I would never do again after I plastered the bathroom, and in fact, during the plastering of this wall. But you know the story. I am resigned to the fact that yes, I will plaster the rest of the house. Eventually.

And meanwhile, I am slogging on with the mosaic shower. Kind of wanting to die, but kind of being pleased at the same time. I just want it done now please.

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