How Are There Still So Many Things To Do?

Seriously, how can I have done SO MANY THINGS and there are still things left to do? How!?

Here is what my floor looked like for a long time:

Yeah, that’s a big hole in the middle. But then I got my shit together, Michelle came round to help, and we got there.

It took some extra signage to remind us not to step on the freshly laid bits til they set.

And by the time I was done I was a) ready to never see tiles again and b) seriously thankful I saw sense for once and didn’t try to do something incredibly intricate over 12 square meters. Learned lesson? Lets hope so… Is the bathroom mosaic done? Nope.

Anyway, I’m particularly happy with the joining up of all the areas.

And in other news, I knitted a thing:

And grew some food:

But seriously, let’s just look at my floor some more.

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