Surprise! Another Mosaic

Because what my life needed just now was another mosaic. Well, what my life really did need was to have less in the way of mountains of reclaimed tiles in every corner. So I’m moving them to storage on the floor, stuck down with tile adhesive. It’s a slow process.

The pointy bits go down like a dream. So fast and easy compared to, like, everything else I’ve done with tiles. Which is my own fault for doing such fiddly, tiny, stupid things with tiles all the time.

The filling in bits are a bit slower, and I made some mistakes in the original batch of cuts (random angles bad, measured angles good) but I got the hang of it and they’re pretty easy to lay now.

Technically the red ones are wall tiles and not that high quality of wall tiles at that, so it remains to be seen whether they’ll hold up to heavy traffic. I may install a doormat nearby. And then forget to use it.

In other news, Ben has started on the spice/condiment shelves.

This half is done, installed and oiled, and the other half is on its way. They’re made from some the rest of that stair banister railing Anthony gave me from a job he did and some matchboard that came out of a basement he converted for someone. Top tip number one, make friends with builders! They give you so much great stuff that other people literally pay them to throw away.

When the oil dries, all the bottles can stop cluttering up a horizontal surface and start cluttering up a vertical one instead.

Meanwhile poor Jack…


A severe round of his traditional overgrooming. Sigh.

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