Tree Slabbed!

I got to ride in the giant beast of a 1971 horse box that Ben is going to convert into a tiny home. It was amazing. And very, very loud.

We used it to transport that tree to a guy (Peter Coates, horse logger, in case you ever need any tree work done in an awkard spot) up near Bingley for slabbing.

He’d got a cool chainsaw mill that basically held his giant chainsaw very steady as it moved along a track and cut lovely 2 inch slices off the tree.

It was the work of a few hours to cut the whole thing up into bits that were manageable to lift and will dry out, hopefully, in a few weeks in the solar kiln.

We cut up all the parts we had, just to maximise beautiful bits of waney edge. Anything that doesn’t make it into the worktop will be a shelf somewhere.

And our luck at finding bargain plants at Morrissons just gets better and better. Mature, healthy orange azaleas for a tenner. The slope garden is complete.

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