Best Lockdown Ever (until it started raining)

Well last night we had about the reddest sky a sailor (shepherd?) could want, but it did not herald a beautiful day today. It’s been raining pretty much all afternoon, which is good for the plants (including the weeds) but is not as cheerful as the last several weeks have been.

Pretty though. Whatever it heralded.

Julian took the opportunity of the recent good weather to turn the above picture’s mess of redneck crap into the below picture of the very soul of garden tidiness.

And just in time for the crabapple to bloom rather spectacularly. It’s lovely that it’s thrived there; we weren’t at all sure there was enough soil, as it seemed to have been backfilled with a lot of stones and rubble. I think Julian also planted some flower meadow seeds in that area. We shall see what comes up.

Me, I did a bit of mosaic today and then quit.

I can only handle about a 3 hour stint on it, which does not cover a whole lot of ground, to be honest. It’s pretty soul destroying to do something this big, but it’s going to be spectacular. And actually, it’s not even a 5 out of 10 on the scale of soul destroying, what am I talking about? I know a thing or two about soul destroying after some bits of this build.

Anyway, 3 hours a day is enough and then I have to bake something. Today it was rhubarb pie.

I love rhubarb season.

And so does everyone else in the household.

And finally here are some fabulous bluebells, just because. Happy spring.



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