This Post Is Mainly About Pizza

Well, however many years after we had a pizza oven built into our house, we finally made pizza in it


Ben (who is now staying here again for a while, hooray!) declared that he was good at pizza dough and he was not lying.

We bought ALL the pizza toppings and set them all out and everyone got to build their own pizza. It was amazing. I want pizza all day every day. I want pizza right now.




I got another large carload of scrap wood from Anthony. That’s my day sorted now, doing something with all of it. A lot of it will end up in the fireplace, but some of it will hopefully become part of my kitchen, which is genuinely about to become a reality.


Oh, and blah blah, straw walls, clay plaster, blah blah.


So sick of straw walls and clay plaster. And only like 5% done with that job. Aargh.

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