Mosaic Progress and Running Water

True to form, I committed myself to doing a huge amount of very tedious work for a result that will be amazing if I manage to stay sane through the doing of it. Below is two days’ work on the mosaic. Gawd.


So I’ll stop even bothering to tell you how many hours have gone in or how many hours I calculate remain. I’ll just get my head down and do it.


It does get less physically painful as I get higher up the wall and can sit in a less awkward position while doing it.


This is how far I got before I took myself off to visit the aged parents for a while.


I grouted that bit and siliconed the lot so Julian could use the space for actual bathing while I’m away. It looks pretty great.


I did a bunch of plumbing as well, and only screwed it all up so badly that Anthony had to come and do half a day making it all right. So that’s not bad going!


After a very few floods and slightly more drippy joints, everything’s been tightened up to more or less work. I even did a bit of laundry. In my own house. It was amazing.


There’s plenty more to do in that room but it’s nice to reach a major milestone.

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