Shower Mosaic Underway

All cement board is in place, joints taped, bench seat graded for slope and all surfaces tanked with some blue goo Anthony gave me. Here we go.


First I transferred the patterns for the complex upper mosaics onto the walls with a sharpie, a ruler, and an indomitable sense of fuck-it, it’ll be fine.


I did a row around the bottom of larger tile pieces for ease and for better chances of success in the sealing of the bottom edge with silicone. I’m very paranoid about water leakage.


I was VERY lucky to have mosaic expert Sarah May Matthews visiting for a few days, so we shared the load of the lower mosaic work, which was rather back-breaking.


Luckily, although she’s more meticulous and generally better at it than me, she was able to ape my style and our respective sections look pretty similar.


The curvy edge was done in short sections of bars of tile cut on the tile saw, to avoid any pointy-uppy edges. After all, people’s bare bums will be testing this surface.


It all ended up passably smooth and it looks amazing so far.


Grouted up and with a line of blue to break up the two sections, this is the finished bit so far. I’m pretty damn pleased. That’s about 5 days’ work you’re looking at. 5 relaxed Grace-style days, but still.


Meanwhile, I’d done a bit of testing with the coloured tiles for the complicated bits up top.


And I’ve got started on it. From what I’ve done, I think the whole top bit will take maybe 80-90 hours. Better get a move on.



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