That Belfast Sink I’ve Been Storing For Years

I got given a lovely old Belfast sink by Steven years ago, and kept it, I’m embarrassed to say, in the garden. Obviously all covered in weeds. It needed a good clean.

And it needed hauling to the first floor, which I did with Julian’s help and without incident, thank god. It’s bloody heavy.


Also, countertop fits and is nearly fixed in place (thanks Nic and Rob) on the carcasses I made out of the old sauna interior cladding (thanks Anthony).


All in all it’s going rather well.


Except for the hateful, hideous task of rendering the rest of the building, which is luckily going to carried out more by Rae and Miki than by me, but unfortunately, I can’t just go spend two weeks on a beach in Tenerife and come back to find it done, I’ve got to actually help.


And also do all the prep, so today Julian and I put up four bays of the dreaded quick stage scaffolding. Soon be over.


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