Switch To The Phone Co-op Today!

Phone rings.

Guy on phone: Hello, Ms. Jackson?

Me: Yes?

Him: I’m calling from the Phone Co-op, we supply your phone and broadband. We are now in a position to offer you super-fast fibre broadband and I was wondering if you would be interested?

Me: Does it cost money?

Him: Yes, I’m afraid it does, it would add about £7 to your monthly bill.

Me: I can barely afford food.

Him: Oh. Well, lets have a look at your account. Can I ask whether you use your landline for phone calls?

Me: I don’t even have a phone.

Him: Well, in that case, I can switch you to a cheaper plan right now, if you like, save you about £2.50 a month?

Me: Oh. Yeah, Ok, thanks.

Him: Every bit helps, right?

Me: It does. Thanks a lot.

Him: No problem. Have a great day. Bye.

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