We made BreakFest a success. For those of you not paying attention, we have started a new tradition: an annual festival of breakfast foods. We just thought breakfast was so great it deserved to be celebrated.


Friday night we started with a great big fry-up. Sausages, bacon, black pudding and eggs from our friendly local butcher in Tod Market, halloumi (not traditional, really, but so worthy of a place, and vegetarians need a good option), beans, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. God it was amazing.


An excellent beginning.


Saturday morning was greeted with brioche french toast smothered in raspberry, blueberry and cherry sauce and whipped cream.


Lord but it was glorious.


We did go for a bit of a walk at that point, to try to shift some of that carb energy, but we were very soon back at it with Catie and Simon’s home-smoked salmon and buck’s fizz on the deck.


…Followed with some baked goodies and coffee…


By this time we were struggling to stay upright.


But there was more to be eaten. Saturday evening’s meal was American home fries, with the carrot, garlic and greens that show up my east coast origin (and meant we could shoehorn some greens in there somewhere.)


There was a colossal amount of washing up involved, but I did hardly any of it, which was nice.


And this morning we have just been picking at the leftovers and thinking of how to do this even better next year. More physical activity between courses I think…


(Thanks to Chef John for the awesome blueberry muffin and pecan coffee cake recipes:  I am going to be making a lot more of his stuff.)

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