Official Hiatus

Well, I’ve reached that point where I’m cutting the weekly food bill by buying less fresh vegetables, which are now the major trimmable expense, because I’ve trimmed all the others. And you know when you can’t afford vegetables, it’s time to get a job. So there will be no building news for a while (not that I was giving you much anyway) and hopefully a break on that front will mean that in 6 months or a year I’ll have lots of money and lots of energy and the whole thing can begin again in earnest.

Meanwhile I’m warm (my masonry heater is the best thing ever) and dry (thanks for the roof, Andy, and the windows Nora, Ben and Craig!) and I can do without plumbing and wiring for another little while.

Feel free to give me a heads up if you know anyone wanting a website, any graphic design, a wedding cake or tweed suit.

See you in a while…

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