Further Summer Antics

Up and down a bit. Mostly still good. Aside from the one anxiety attack that had me gripping the edge of the table and waiting for the panic to subside. But shit happens. Got to keep moving. At least I know to just watch a damn documentary about Georgian history and let it pass. And other than that, it’s been an ok week.


Steve helped me get the frame for the wood drying solar kiln built and get the big window on it.


The siding was mainly bits I had lying around, plus some OSB scalped from the ex warming hut.


The side of the house, in addition to being more wind proof, is now more waterproof, because we rented a digger and put a drain in.


Steve’s very lovely friend Darren came and drove it, since me driving it would have been a bit of a farce.


We dug two drains and three soakaways. The one for the kitchen sink waste will be via a compost filtering system in this pit.


Anna and I spent a fairly miserable, if productive, day building a dry stone retaining wall. Dry stone walling is my least favourite job after roofing.


It is decidedly not  beautiful, but I think it is stable enough to hold back the soil.


The cherry harvest came and went, and we will have gin next year. A very few cherries went into a tiny mug-in-the-microwave batch of jam which was delicious.

mac and bubble


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