The most progressy thing that’s been happening is the rendering of the outside of the house. It’s quite shocking how much better it is when someone who knows what they’re doing does it.


Miki came back to help, and also put me in touch with Gemma who’s a really experienced professional heritage plaster. The results were amazing.


I was the lackey, making gak and render so the skilled people could get on with the skilled work.


Gemma’s partner Loukas came for a bit and did some more skilled work, agreeing to be paid in sewing jobs, like altering a wax jacket. More fun than rendering if you ask me!


So here’s the result. It’s not done, but it’s a lot more done than it was before. I’m planning to spend a year saving up to have the same team back and finish it all off next summer. So let me know if you know anyone wanting sewing help or lessons, or wedding cakes, or anything else I can do for money.

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