I Heart Todmorden

Seriously, every time I go there I find something else new and wonderful to make me love the place even more. I went up there with Lea today to show her the land and to drop some stuff off to the solicitor, and we found a fantastic cafe above a very good health food shop that carries everything I currenlty have a LOT of trouble finding anywhere near us. For all that I’ve loved living here, it’s a bit of a lentils and soya milk desert.

The solicitor said she still hasn’t heard anything from the vendor’s solicitor. I asked whether this was normal (should I panic yet? Is something wrong?) and she said it was pretty normal considering it was a complicated contract. Part of me thinks “how is it complicated? I can explain it in 2 sentences.” and the other part of me thinks, “yeah, but everyone thinks designing a good website is simple and it’s bloody not!”

Anyway, I’m not going to be too paranoid in the absence of actual evidence that something’s gone wrong. The “Sold” sign is still on top of the “For Sale” sign next to the land. Subject to contract it says. Bring on the contract, I says. Tap tap tap.

Meanwhile, I accidentally bought a 4m x 10m Marquee tent on ebay. I didn’t expect to get it for the price I bid, and while it’s a bargain at about half the price you’d pay new, I hope it won’t take up too much space. The idea is that it can be a welcoming social space for all the people we will have visiting the land, starting with the neighbours as soon as we seal the deal. I plan to stick a little bit of paper through all their mail slots with a date to come and meet us and have a cup of tea and talk about our plans with us. I really want to start out on the right foot with the neighbours; I’ve been blessed with really good neighbours all my life and I am well aware that that’s largely because I (and my family) have always made an effort to be a good neighbour.

Anyway, the marquee can later be a social space and camp kitchen/canteen for my enormous volunteer labour force.

Obviously, I will have an enormous volunteer labour force.

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