Mental Health

Up and down, up and down.

Been here before. Blogging become a terrible chore, so I never do it. Many things are going on, and I am failing to document them because that adds and extra 10% to my mental load and my mental load is already crushing sometimes.

I’m pottering around re-organising things in the now-enclosed-and-approximately-heated house, which Anna and I have moved into, although it’s very far from finished. I’ve sort of got a plan to do one half of the finishing and then move all the stuff and do the other half… but electrics don’t really work that way, what with rings and soforth… I need to consult Ben, who is, luckily, coming on Thursday.

Anyway, next three big milestones inside will be:

  • Ceiling above the front windows done
  • Home office and craft room habitable
  • Kitchen cobbled together from bits lying around, and plumbed in.

No idea how long that will take. Some days I work a lot, some days I can’t face life at all. Never know what kind of a day it’s going to be.

Other upcoming milestones are:

  • Getting a lot further on with the rendering in April/May (thanks 5 million, Mike and Heidi)
  • Tidying up and burning/dumping ALL the detritus of materials and stuff that’s been littering up the garden for 6 years. See work party listing at right.

Head down, keep at it.

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