Some Things That Happened

Christmas happened. We ate food.


Above is Christmas Eve’s dosa and dhal and potato masala. Very traditional. Below is Christmas day’s roast chicken.


Jack likes the masonry heater.


At some point Anna made a really good mousaka.


We went and stayed with Bob and Jen for a week and played computer games and generally did not think about building. That was heavenly.


Heidi and Mike came to visit for the first time in years and because they are wonderful, they helped us empty the huge carload of dry logs I’d gone to fetch that morning. Heidi also gave me the biggest haul of booty from her pottery showroom, as she was having a clear-out, so I’m the proud owner of a number of wonderful new things. They are just the greatest people.


Among us all we managed to move and stack the firewood in, like, half an hour.


So basically my state of mind right now is like, friends are amazing. Building houses is just shit. It’s so shit. I can’t believe people do this more than once. But friends are amazing.

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