Rendering For All We Are Worth

It’s nearly the end of rendering season, and I don’t quite know why I have not got my skates on before now, but what with one thing and another, I am suddenly keen on getting all the rendering done that can be done before it gets too cold. My priorities are a fecking mystery even to me.


Here’s me wetting down the wall, though not enough. Boy, you really have to wet it down a lot it turns out. Otherwise little cracks appear and have to be patched. Sigh. Still, it’s the final coat and it only cracked a tiny bit and I can just fix it. And now that I know, I will wet down the next bits a lot more.


I showed Anna how to do it and we got the whole top bit of the west wall done.


Anna declared it “not a horrible job to do” and is wiling to do it again someday.


Daisy and Andrew came over on Saturday and put in a day on it as well.


Good thing Alec and I had put in a whole day of render making the day before.


In other news, we have a flat driveway again, which is great and a bit of it covered in gravel which is AMAZING.


And Anna has perfected the recipe for Butterbeer. But it’s a secret recipe, so I can’t tell you.



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