Toilet, Part 2


Ok, so I finished the box, oiled all the parts, like, a hundred times with danish oil to get a wipeable surface, and assembled it all. You can just see the plumbing attachment in the picture above, which is cable-tied to a bit of wood the right thickness and then screwed to the front of the inside of the box. All the placement of bits was quite faffy, but obviously it’s important that the wee funnel empties into the plumbing and not the box.

I went against all straw bale advice and stuck a pipe directly through the wall (by pushing a hazel post through and shoving the pipe through after it) because there won’t be liquid sitting in the pipe (one would hope) making it a condensation risk. For the sink waste, I will do the proper double-thickness insulated pipe thing.


It came through perfectly, and in fact, I could have used the same technique to get a fatter pipe through. Note to self. Anyway, sawn off so that it empties into the land drain behind the house (or will do when the land drain is dug in a few days) I consider it a finished work of toilethood.


I even built a wall for it to sit against.


A quick “test wee” proved the system didn’t leak.


And some charming curtains make it a bit more private, though I really need to enclose it as soon as I can move all the stuff out of the way of the wall I need to build.


Lid propped open, and you can see the inner workings. Thanks once again to for the seat, the hot composting bin and the excellent advice and instructions.

The large size of the box is partly to hold the spare bucket, but also to allow the lid to be lifted without tipping the seat so far that the sink trap falls out every time. Plus it allows room for the crossword puzzle that traditionally sits by the loo in our house.


So there you have it. We were all very pleased to have a new toilet.

And then we made jam.



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