New Toilet, Part 1

An indoor composting toilet is finally on its way. We bought a fancy new separating seat, as well as a “Hot Bin” insulated compost bin, which will hopefully speed up the composting process significantly. With some helpful instructions, hints and tips from the excellent folks at, I have got about halfway to finishing the lovely indoor toilet.

First step was to take the bits off the nice pine toilet seat I found on ebay for cheap, so that it could be converted to a tight-fitting lid to reduce draft.


I carefully measured and cut for the lovely new british-made separating bowl to fit in the pine shelf donated by Rob and Nicola.


I built a box out of 1×2…


bowl fits…


Lid covers bowl…


It will be very fine indeed. Still need to cover the two sides with matchboard and finish oiling the whole thing. And to poke a hole in my straw wall for the wee to make its way out to a ditch behind the house, of course.


In other news, Alec and I are constructing a scale model of the roof area inside the big front window, to assist us in designing the ceiling painting, which is going to be spectacular.



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