Anna’s Birthday and A Spiral Staircase

We went down to London for the day to go to a performance of Twelfth Night at the Globe, which was quite good. I especially enjoyed the woodwork, as it’s quite a unique timber frame building. The play was also good.


On the way back, we stopped over with Ben at his amazing new home/job near Lincoln at Hill Holt Wood, which is a working woodland/education centre/workshop/building design firm/many other things. The place was absolutely amazing and Ben is super-happy there, which is just great to see.


One of the buildings, a rammed-earth conference room, has the most amazing double reciprocal roof.


And the cupboards in the employees’ housing are basically exactly what I want in my kitchen.


Back at the farm, we made a litre or so of redcurrant gin, thanks to the thriving plot of currants planted last year by Incredible Edible in Todmorden.


Anyway, on with the main plot. Charlotte came for a day and helped out with the spiral staircase installation.


WhatsApp Image 2017-07-10 at 09.52.07

We’d managed to get the floor frame in place and the pole upright before we went away.


So the first step yesterday was to get the pole stood on its base (which I finished building and mega-screwed into place) and get the treads all on it.


Anna stuck them on from above while I mostly just held the pole upright.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-10 at 09.52.47

The last bit of securing the pole in place was slightly awkward because of needing to have several things go into place at once, each of which was supposed to support the other and all of which was supposed to support the one safe thing to stand on…


We managed to cobble it together eventually, though I had to re-cut a piece three times.


It’s not done, hoping to finish it today, but you can climb up it if you’re careful, and if you don’t mind it spinning slightly.


And anyway, most importantly, it looks the dog’s danglies, as they say in this most erudite and sophisticated of countries.


Now I’ll just get back to work so that it can be actually finished and safe…

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