For Once, Too Busy Rather Than Too Lazy To Post

Yeah, you heard right. I’ve actually been getting on with it. And it hasn’t even been that hard. It’s amazing what four weeks off does for motivation.

Richard and I have insulated and boarded out one entire end of the attic space, and Anna spent the weekend moving a whole bunch of stuff into the finished end so that we’d have room to work on the unfinished end.


The floor in the middle area is now completely clear and ready to start reframing to accommodate the spiral staircase, which I went down to Chapel en le Frith to pick up, nearly seven years after buying it.

Here it is in bits on the table. Well, some of it, anyway. I’m very, very excited to put it up. It’ll need some customising to fit where I want it, as it was built for another house entirely with a much lower floor to floor measurement. So it will be a bit of a bespoke installation.

While we were down in that area of the world, we finally collected the giant old school cupboard and pie safe that had been held by the lovely people who bought our old house years ago. We hadn’t got the room for them and Kieran and Laura were kind enough to look after them until we could come for them. It was a lovely trip down that way, seeing the old neighbours and stopping in at Kieran’s new cheese shop, Chinley Cheese, well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

I promised to photo-document the whole process of getting the giant cupboard out of their house and into a van (we did it, Kieran, just me and Richard. We are superhuman!) but then of course the whole thing was a bit too fraught for taking pictures.

So instead, here is a picture of another piece of furniture entirely!

We spotted this in one of Todmorden’s innumerable junk outlets and immediately saw it for the finishing touch to our (not yet existent) kitchen. It turned out to be the right size for the space we had in mind and the right price (cheaper then the materials I would need to build something not as nice) so we went for it.

And finally, here is a picture of the rather flamboyant montbretia lucifer that Joan gave me last autumn. Absolutely flourishing. I will be covering whole hillsides with them; I love them.




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