Garden Frenzy

It’s been the most gloriously beautiful day here. There could be no excuse for working indoors.

Anna worked on planting all the stuff that’s been languishing in pots for way too long. We’re converting what used to be the spoil pile from the cabin’s foundation pits into a beautiful flower bed.


The montbretia lucifer that Joan gave me is going to flower! I’m quite excited; I wasn’t sure it would in its first year.


The rose albertine is performing as expected. It’s a shame that corner is currently a bit of a storage area/dumping ground. Next year it will be a sitting garden.


We finally gave up on the monstrous clematis montana rubens that wasn’t one of those at all, and hardly ever flowered and when it did they weren’t all that nice. I tore it all out and replaced it with a red one. Hopefully that will fare a little better.


The corner of the outdoor kitchen looks a lot less menacing now without the old clematis attempting to strangle us.


I planted a cooking herb garden, wanting to have a bit of this and that available for food. Coriander, mint, basil, thyme and parsley. All the herbs I really ever use.


And a dinner of salads, including cumbrian cured meat and some lovely tomatoes from the new farm shop at Gordon Rigg’s nursery, plus my first ever perfect “ma’s” potato salad.

I freakin’ love summer.


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