Insulation. That’s Going To Be A Recurring Theme…

Sorry, aside from the insulation, there really isn’t much being done about the build. I’m just so tired of it that I’m taking several weeks off. Richard is bravely soldiering on. Fast on the way to Boggart Hall canonisation, that one.


Here’s an adorable video of him doing a meticulous job making every piece of insulation fit perfectly.


Meanwhile, there’s an election coming and I heartily and robustly encourage anyone on or near the fence to vote Labour. Come on, people, lets prove we really do want change.


I know it’s a long shot, but to be honest, I want what Jeremy’s peddling and I don’t give a toss whether he’s “not a powerful leader” because Hitler was a powerful leader, that’s not always the best criterion…


So anyway, poppies! How lovely.


The lovely Australian gap year kids have gone on their travels, good luck to them, hope Europe treats them well. We saw them off with a rather epic game of RoboRally on their last night.


And so, another blog post ends with nothing really having been said, much. Sorry guys. I fully intend to get back to work soon. By soon I mean mid-June. I apologise. Mental health comes first these days.




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