Some pictures, but not really of the house

Actually, a lot has been done, and I promise to take some pictures of it soon, but meanwhile, we’ve been doing a lot of un-house-related stuff so here are some pretty pictures to help you wait.


We went down to Poole and visited Compton Gardens, which was lovely and very inspiring for our future gardening. Lots of acers and rhododendrons. The pond bit might be more difficult…

We also visited a pretty church with an interesting vaulted ceiling and pretty panelled railing to its mezzanine level.


Simon came to visit and stayed in the wendy house. It’s bluebell season and really beautiful just now.


Really, it’s quite breathtaking. I love this place.


Anna and I went on a muck hunt the other day, which turned out to be a great adventure involving asking several locals until we turned up at a plant sale at a tiny village chapel and somebody pointed us toward somebody else, who had a friend who had horses and a muck pile and said we could help ourselves.


Eleven bags later…


Today we did very little indeed on the house, but walked to Hebden Bridge on the canal. It was lovely.



We met a guy who makes amazing folding chairs on his boat/workshop. He’s called Toby and you can see his wares at They are totally comfy and when I can afford it I’m going to buy two.


Right, more later and I will take pictures of all the real progress, but right now my roast asparagus is calling.


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