Quick Update

Not a lot of the pretty kind of progress has happened since my last post, sorry for consequent lack of comms.

Ben is here, so there are now interior walls and a lot of little jobs have been done that I have been putting off for months, because they felt like mountains to me but were molehills to him. Bit of a saviour, Ben.

Quite a lot of insulation has gone in, thanks to the diligent and skilled work of Richard and his erstwhile apprentice Brad, who’s now gone but hopefully will return. I really should be helping with that job. I really will get on with that…

It’s been a busy household since the end of the stove job, what with returned residents, new volunteers and a visit from Daniel and Ramona (remember them? See summer 3 years ago) and I’ve only just had the time and headspace to start to feel like a human again.

And then my dad reminds me to blog, when I haven’t got any pictures due to aforementioned headspace issues.  I’ll go take some and do a pictures entry soon.

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