Plumbing: How Hard Can It Be?

This hard…


Saint Antony lent me all his plumbing gear and showed me the basics. It looked dead easy when he did it, but turning the cutty thingy turned out to be a bit more of a struggle for me.


It’s pretty cool, though, just a little sprung blade wheel in a jig that you clip on and then turn round and round about 3 or 4 times until the end of the copper pipe just pops off!


Job number one, as usual, lay out all the gear. Job number two, make stuff really hot and stick it together with solder.


My first plumbing job turns out to be a candle holder.


It went really well though, it was easy in the end. I quite enjoyed it. I suppose the test will be whether my actual plumbing holds water, so to speak, but I’m quietly confident.

Meanwhile… the weather has been lovely.


And watch this space, because the masonry heater builders are on site and next post will be pictures of all that. Amazing.

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