A Room

Been clearing out straw, which was surplus to requirement, now that I have a pretty good idea what requirement will be for that last gable wall.


Found the home of those bees that took up residence in the pile of bales last summer. Luckily they’d vacated quite naturally at the end of summer.


Got a great little wing back chair on freegle. That cover’s not the nicest, but it’s a beautiful sage green and dark wood underneath, and the cover will keep it clean while I finish the house.


And we have finished insulating that one room. So I hung some curtains (bolt of fabric I’d been given a few years ago) and we’re having a room-warming party in there later.


Anna has been tidying up the garden, which is very very overdue and necessary and she is a saint. We burned some bits of old, wet scrap wood, including the two-seater that was seriously on its last legs. This does mean I’ll need to build another bench.



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