Stir-Fry and other important achievements

prawn stir fryYou can never have enough prawn stir-fry with coconut and lime.

Right, down to business:

The frame for the tarpThe frame for the tarp went up without too much trouble (depending on your definition of too much trouble) and Steven built a central pole to support the middle, replacing the haphazard system you see above, which we cobbled together to get it through the night, since we finished after dark again.

Tarp going upIt took 5 ropes and a lot of finessing to get the tarp over the ridge. It’s almost as heavy as a person altogether, and there’s a fair amount of friction, not to mention grommets getting caught. But we got it there in the end and pegged it out so as to withstand the forecast wind (none) with Lorna tying about a zillion of the same knot, one for each grommet.

pegged out tarpI expect it will prove wise if we replace the foot-long tent pegs with proper stakes that won’t pull out as easily. A decent wind under that thing is going to be a force to be reckoned with!

Anyway, other progress made includes getting all the door and window posts in place, stuffing the floor perimeter with straw and ordering all the timber needed, which is being delivered early tomorrow. So I’m going to bed now, since I have to be up at 6 to get on site by 9.

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