I finally got over the latest type of irrational terror at doing something I’ve never done before and ordered some insulation, which I am about to go out and try to fit to the gable end of the building.


It arrived on Tuesday, which prevented me from going to the costume shop to do theraputic sewing as I normally do every week, but it was worth it because it was a beautiful day for working.


I got it from the very lovely Arthur at Seconds and Co in York, which is a company that buys overstock or slightly damaged or otherwise not-quite-good-enough-for-proper-builders insulation boards and sells them for pretty damn cheap. Arthur took me seriously when I said they couldn’t be delivered in a big lorry (hallelujah, they normally don’t) and was kind enough to deliver it on his transit, which looked amazing, about 2/3 insulation, 1/3 vehicle.


Richard and I carried them down to the house and hoisted them toward Alec, who stacked them in the gallery area, the only place we had any room to put any more stuff.


I seriously need to get using some of these materials or we won’t fit in this house anymore.


In other news, I’m getting ready for Sten to come and build a masonry heater for us, in late March. I wanted to build it out of reclaimed bricks, and while searching for them, I found some paving bricks (not proper bricks, made of cement, but I don’t care, they look like bricks and function like bricks and are reclaimed and local) on ebay for an incredible price. I bought them immediately and have spent two mostly enjoyable morningsĀ  with Antony collecting them. I say mostly enjoyable because although the company is excellent, my forearms and lower back need a break. Last load to be collected tomorrow.


Last weekend Anna and I sloped off to do some sight seeing instead of working on site, as it was a beautiful day that was at least sunny if not actually warm. We went up to the Singing Ringing Tree art installation near Burnley, which is pretty cool. It’s made of pipes that have been tuned to hum in the wind and the sound changes as the wind moves around. Also quite beautiful. Highly recommended.


And finally: a gravity-defying cat.


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