Ohmygod This Is Actually Fun


We got to the point of placing a piece of glass on a window frame to double check if it fit and it did!


Nora was happy. That was nice.


So the router came out and she used it to rout out the recess for the window to actually fit in.


That also came out good and she was happy. Extra nice!


Meanwhile I girded my loins and used the massive, scary table saw all on my own (after some extensive training) and cut down all the drip edge and beads.


Then I sanded the window ready for oiling.


We’re getting quite a stack of them now. But we’ve run out of the wood we bought last time so it’s time to go shopping again on Monday.


It snowed (finally!) and Richard the latest lovely volunteer took a bunch of really amazing pictures. This is the only one I have so far but I’ll hopefully get a few more and put them up.



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