It all started with a bunch of maple flooring I got on eBay…


That’s about a quarter of it on the car. It’s from a local farm where the guy has a sideline in demolition. It looks like 1950′s gym floors are the new victorian pine floorboards in that they are the thing that is going cheap from the sorts of buildings that are being demolished nowadays. Victorian floorboards are eye-wateringly expensive now.


They have a bit of grit on them that needs cleaning off, which is taking me about half an hour per square yard bundle.


I haven’t sanded any of them yet, but they’re looking pretty good already and they’re tough as nails Canadian maple, basically not a scratch on them because scratching them takes some doing.


Meanwhile, I have finished designing the staircase with much tech support from Antony and I’m about to go glue some of said floorboards together to make a test tread. Ordered the rest of what I need to get going on it this morning and it will arrive Monday, so hopefully it won’t be too many weeks before I have a staircase. Or at least the skeleton of one.

I have Great Big Plans for both the floor and the staircase, but I’m not going to go into detail because plans change on a daily basis around here and I want to let it unfold on the blog as it does in reality.

Anyway. Off to scrape 5 decades’ worth of crap from some floorboards…


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