I’ve been meaning to blog for a number of months now. Sorry for not getting around to it. I’ve been doing some much needed personal healing (or whatever)… getting my mojo back? Something like that. Anyway, I feel a bit more positive about the whole thing than I have in a while.

So here’s some update:


This is the house in the recent frosty weather. That’s what it looks like now. Not a lot moved on from when you last read about it, but a pretty picture, no?

I’ve been pottering about inside trying to get stuff tidied up that’s been sitting around taking up space for ages. It’s a surprisingly time-consuming affair. And then we had to move out of Alec’s house in Barnsley, including moving Alec here, so that took up a month or so. All in all, very little has been done that’s worth photographing and telling you about. Until now.


This afternoon I went over to Nora’s workshop and helped cut, rip and plane the bits of wood for the building of the windows. It’s pretty exciting stuff. She’d already done some, so as to get her head properly around the process before letting me come and complicate matters with my inexperience, so we’re in a good position to start a bit of a production line now.

I’ll try (no promises, sorry) to properly document the exciting stuff as it happens.

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