Fascia Boards and a Lift

Some of our favourite people in the world, Catie, Simon and Bob (sadly Jen couldn’t make it) came to visit, to help with some work and to play games. It was a really fun, refreshing and productive weekend. Thanks guys!


We managed to put up all the fascia boards, which means I can put up the guttering now, which means a lot less backsplash on my walls!


As I have no floor set up on the scaffolding at the back, it was a fairly uncomfortable job.


We got it all done though, which is a major job ticked off the list. Very pleasing.


We also built a hoist/lift thing to get boxes of stuff up to the storage space in the attic because we’re moving out of the house in Barnsley, so EVERYTHING has to come here and find a place to be stored. And it turns out to be really difficult to carry huge boxes of books up two ladders.


We used the wheel off Ben’s sawn-off-upside-down-wheelbarrow (patent pending) and a piece of threaded steel to make a pulley wheel. I wouldn’t like to carry anything too heavy but it worked great for boxes of books.


It’s nice to have a deadline, actually, to get all this stuff moved. At least that motivates us to get off our butts and do it.


And Anna made a new friend…Save

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