So Close

Started yesterday by inventing a “scaffolding” system that allowed us to get on and off the roof without having to do so from the bottom.


Mackenzie loved it. I was scared sh!tless. Yes, Michelle, he is tied on at all times.


Set up the whole system to accommodate all the rest of the tiles, since it would be a massive pain to get them on the roof after we no longer had access from the lower scaffolding. My little tables have been such a blessing. But they have now served their purpose and one got flung from the roof today.


Forethought! Brought up all the ridge tiles and stacked them on the yet-unridged ridge.


And then did the roofing equivalent of painting oneself into a corner.


Got a bit farther than you see above, just 50 tiles shy of finishing. But then ran out of tiles, nails and rivets almost simultaneously, which is what I’d sort of planned for because I’d rather have to go to Halifax and buy 50 more than be left with 50 I’d paid for and didn’t use. Apparently that’s the opposite of what most builders do, but I’m too poor to be overbuying!

We’ll finish this tomorrow and then render render render!

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