Stopped roofing for a bit. Decided to work on rendering. John from one of the straw bale courses came back and helped with some experimentation to discover how to avoid cracking.


I had a list of things that might have potentially been wrong with the mix, so we tried adding horse hair (massive pain in the *%&*$* to work with) and using different sand, as well as really, thoroughly, alarmingly wetting the surface to be rendered. The results are conclusive that all of those things need to be done if it’s not going to crack.


But at least we got it to not crack, which is nice. And we got a bit further along what is going to be a long, tiresome, boring job.


Grapes from my neighbour’s allotment and tiny olives from Catalonia. Don’t mistake one for the other while casually snacking… rude awakening.


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