Among the three of us, we’ve got a lot of roofing done in a the last few days. I reckon we’re one day off finishing that side of the main house.


The windows are a faff and really slow you down, but we’re faster at them now than we were at the beginning and when the teamwork is flowing, it’s not a bad job. Bit like a jigsaw puzzle that you get to custom-cut the pieces for.

David and Mackenzie are great to work with.


And the view out of the windows is very satisfying.


Meanwhile, my Montmorency cherry tree is producing the best crop so far, which is still pretty small; a long way off a pie, and some of them have gone dry and scabby. The Albalu cherry next to it is doing better in terms of size and quality of fruit but there’s less on it overall. I wish I knew what to do to encourage them. Any tree-fruit experts out there?



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