Bits and Bobs Happening

When David stays over, he brings his hammock to hang in the house. Over a gaping hole with a 3 metre drop to a concrete floor. No telling with some people.


To be fair, I think he only did that once for the experience and from now on will hang it somewhere more sensible.


We have been playing a fair bit of Robo Rally in the evenings, since (discounting the midges) it’s really been pleasant outdoors in the evenings.


But we’ve also been cracking on with the roofing and stuff.


Antony helped me carry the granite countertop that came with the kitchen he’d ripped out of the neighbours house, which they kindly passed on to me. Very posh, but bloody difficult to move.


And Andy donated a square of roofing lead for the bit where the ridge meets the slope of the roof. David, luckily, knew what to do with it.


While I made some half-assed calculations, ran a string line and decided that *this* was the right place to put all the tiles up the valley.


It has since come to my attention that I was wrong by about 1-2 cm per tile, which has necessitated a whole lot of custom cutting, the last of which I have just done. Sigh.


But with a decent size team here, David reckons we can get most of the rest of this side of the main roof done this weekend. I think that is a bit optimistic, but I’m not going to try to dissuade him.



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