More Stuff Is Happening Than I Am Writing About Lately

Partly that’s because I haven’t (as usual) got much headspace to blog, and partly it’s because there’s actually quite a lot of progress being made and that takes of a lot of my time. Which is obviously nice.

It’s weird; sometimes lately I feel quite on top of it and competent. I think it’s partly to do with the fact that a lot of the time lately, I’m the most highly knowledgeable and competent person on site, which has not always been the case. And sometimes when someone else has the Boss Hat on, it’s lovely and freeing because I am not the one under pressure. But also I am not the one in control, which makes the whole endeavour much more terrifying.

Being the one in control makes it less scary but more exhausting. Can’t win. Or maybe can’t lose. Whatever. Anyway: House.


We have finally got the rest of the felt on the roof. And the big black tarp off. Briefly. Now it’s been re-used to tarp the sides, since they can’t be as exposed as that until they’re rendered, but anyway, we took a picture while it looked like a house not a tent.


I admit that a lot of the time the last few days has gone on games of zombie apocalypse and robot wars. But only after the work has been done. Except today, when it rained all day and I can’t be going on the roof in the rain, now can I?

Yesterday, however, was lovely and we worked like stink, and then had a lovely fire and sausages. I do love summer when it’s actually summer.



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