Well, a colossal thunderstorm hit Todmorden just as I was arriving home yesterday. About 15 minutes of the most intense rainfall I have ever seen in this country. So when I arrived home I went out to see whether it had dripped overmuch in the house. There was a bit of the roofing underlay that had managed to flap in the wind such that it had inverted itself and instead of directing water off the roof, it was funneling it straight into the building. And do you think this very unfortunate thing happened above a bit of floor? A bit of void? No. Over a bit of wall, or course. So a whole section of wall is totally sponge-style-soaked. Absolutely irretrievable. It’ll have to come out. And we’d already inserted all the fiddly bits of ring beam above it (which neatly funneled the water into the straw through a gap in the OSB) and they’ll have to be pretty much destroyed in order to get at the straw that needs replacing.

But nobody died. So that’s good.

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