Roof in Many Forms

It’s been what’s commonly called “nice weather” which is what people who find themselves on a south facing 45 degree roof call “way too f**king hot”, which makes the roofers on site all the more heroic for doing any roofing.

Alec’s job, done admirably, was to cut tiles to fit.


Here’s some vertigo to give you an idea of what it’s like perching on a steep roof:


And here’s what it looks like from a distance. Getting there.


Meanwhile, the bees were threatening to swarm, so we did a controlled swarm and now have three hives of bees. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But we can always reintegrate two of them. When we’d done it, we got out the new bee book and sat down to read about whether we’d done it right.


A couple of days ago I came home to find two rather beautiful, mature japanese maples in front of the house. They turned out to be from Steve, the gardener of the down-the-hill neighbours, who’d been instructed to dig them out and burn them, but he couldn’t bear it. So we’ve adopted them and put them in the ground, where they’ll either thrive or they won’t but anything’s a bonus over burning, right?


And yesterday we started putting the trusses on the annex. Quite a lot harder than I thought, but then problem solving was always going to be the bulk of this job.


Between me and David we got two up yesterday, which was either the hard part, or the easy part. We’ll find out today which it was.


I would love to get the rest of them on today and get the felt and lath on tomorrow, but that may be wishful thinking.

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