The Frame

Well, the frame is ready to be put together and hoisted up (I think we can use two of those trees and some rope) but Elmo points out that it will be easier to put the floor in place without a middle leg to worry about, which means putting the frame up after the floor is in place, which is after the straw has been taken off it, which is basically at the end of the whole weekend’s work.

Still, it’s ready to go up WHENEVER it goes up.

The FrameI met the son-in-law of the former owners of the plot (Harry and Peggy, who still live just down the hill a bit. Those are their trees behind the fence.) He was a very friendly, nice guy, did a bunch of cutting back of branches that were overgrowing the fence and shared a couple of memories of the place.

As Elmo (who hates cooked tomatoes) was at home, I took the opportunity to make myself one of my invented dishes for lunch. It hasn’t got a name, and it certainly hasn’t got a nationality, unless it’s half-Italian, half-Chinese. Onions, courgettes and tomatoes fried into a sort of ratatouille with soy sauce, served on rice. Delicious. I invented it when I was about 15 and it was Zucchini season (that’s what we called courgettes in America) when you can get paid to take them away because everyone has hundreds.

LunchSpent the rest of today baking for the weekend, and now it’s nearly two in the morning. I really need to get to bed. There are pies to be made tomorrow morning before I go back up.

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