Calling All Volunteers

Over the course of the past month or so I’ve been doing an assessment of my chances of completing this build, and along with the conclusion that I’m definitely not going to be living in it this year, whatever happens, I’ve also come to the realisation that I need serious motivational help to push through  two of the massive obstacles between here and weather-tightness, that is roofing and rendering.

With that in mind, I’m going to announce a series of work weekends and I’m going to hope with all my might that my friends (and their friends, and some complete strangers) will come and help me. And that the fact of an upcoming work weekend will motivate me to *properly* plan and organise the work. Some days that seems guaranteed to work and sometimes it seems recklessly optimistic. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So here goes:

24-26 June
8-10 July
12-24 August
9-11 September

I really hope I’ll be done with most of the roofing by the first one, but all of these parties are likely involve preparing the exterior walls and rendering them, which is messy, so bring clothes you would paint in. There might also be landscaping and gardening, if anybody prefers that. It’s low on my list of priorities, but I actually find that having the garden looking better boosts my mood a lot and makes me feel more productive and positive about the place.

If you haven’t been here for a long time, you are particularly welcome. If you’ve never come before you are particularly-particularly welcome. If you have friends who might be interested in helping out, they are very welcome.

All types of gin, as usual, are welcome.

There’s a fair amount of fairly comfortable on-site accommodation, so camping is unlikely to be necessary these days, unless everyone in the world shows up at once.

Please help me get off my sorry, self-pitying ass and get on with it. Email me if you can come. Thanks guys.

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